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About us

Bidchance.com is devoted to providing information of bid inviting, buying, project in progress and online bid inviting&buying service.It is the largest and most authoritative, the most timely coverage of industry-wide procurement tender information service platform. Bidchance.com provides professional information query and related service for government , bidding agency, enterperises in inviting bid and suppliers, which is the best informative and business website in the field of native buying.
Our mission is to help enterprises master acute sense of market trends and gain rapid access to business opportunities in the market. With a wealth of government resources,We collect varying information of comprehensive collection of economic conditions in the domestic market, domestic policy environment and international trade environment to discovery new marketing chances in drastic market competition, keep watch on competitors and potential competitors.As an old saying goes “To know your Enemy, you must become your Enemy”, Bidchance.com try to build competitive intelligence system and provide platform and information resource for enterprises.

1. Authority and accuracy
Based on cross-ministry resources,Cooperate with many bidding agencies and owner units and gain comprehensive and accurate information of bid inviting ,buying and project.
2.Top pagevies
Bidchance.com’s day pageview exceed 60,0000,ranked first in the same kind websites and ranked by flowrate firsty in Google.com and Baidu.com.
3.Abundant information
Provide native bidding notice , bidding prenotice and notice of change amount is is 3000-4000 , 50-80 and 150-300 separately . Bidding result amount is over 2000. Amount of project in progress and prenotice is 80 and vip project amount is 20-50. Sum amount reaches 6000-8000 and keep increasing.
4. Fast information
Comibine project plan with project in progress,VIP project ,bidding prenotice and bidding notice,so that enterprise can improve ability of mastery on project and deploy resources ahead of time.
5. Wide range of covering surface:
Comprehensive coverage is more than 1,000 industries and all regions. Bidchance.com provides professional information of equipment, engineering,service bid inviting and government buying and its update capacity, timeliness and accuracy is second to none in the same kind of websites.

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